World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is celebrated around the globe on December 1st each year. This day is to raise awareness about human rights, such as universal access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care, and support.  Millions of people around the world are living with this disease, and the majority of those are unable to access healthcare.

Campaigners and advocates around the world will be coming together to commemorate this year’s World AIDS Day theme.  Campaigners will host events, stage marches, hold conferences and a multitude of  other activities to honor those we have lost, support those that have been affected by HIV and to celebrate the progress that has been made.

Here are some activities happening around the world:

  • In Cameroon, the Ministry of Public Health will host a run from November 26 to December 1st.
  • Canada will hold its third annual World AIDS Day breakfast where attendees will learn about what local groups are doing to ease the suffering of the pandemic.
  • Globally, two million free downloads will be given away of the impassioned HIV testing/safer sex awareness song and music video, “The Power To Be Strong.”
  • Spokane will be hosting a World AIDS Day event on December 1st at the Unitarian Universalist Church.
There are several ways to participate in World AIDS Day. Posters are available to download on the World AIDS Day organization website. You can friend the campaign on Facebook or you can get a Light For Rights toolkit and host an event. If you want to get involved in the celebration for World AIDS Day and find out what other activities you could do, visit