Teen Videofest

Spokane Teen Videofest 2010 A Success!

What a great turnout TVF had for the Premiere Showing and Awards Night! Many participants, parents, family members and community members, even Mayor Mary Vernor gathered at the Lincoln Center on February 10, 2011 to honor the participants and find out who was going to take home $1000. Fun and enjoyment of the evening was had by all. Some comments received from viewers and attendees include:

“Teen Videofest has had such a wonderful impact on my life!”
            Kendra Sherrill, Spokane Teen Vidoefest 2010 1st place winner

“I entered TVF because it looked like a fun challenge and I was determined to win that cash prize.”
                Rachelle Price, Spokane Teen Videofest 2010 2nd place winner

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Team members: Marquis Fuller, Tiara Kearns, Kristine Hendrickson, Trevor Tweedy and Brandon Palver

“Speak Up”

Team members: Arthur Marshall, Morgan Heldt and Jesse Birkland

“Raise Your Voice”

Team members: Kendra Sherrill

“Mind Reader”

Team members: Rebekah Manikowski and Antoinette Wizner

“Don’t Push”

Team members: Dasja Davis, Milicca Rodriguez, Tayler Lundean, Dexter Yocum and Ethan Haynes

“Effects of Bullying”

Team members: Patrick Cikutovich, Nick Ecton and Brent Gruenke

“Under Pressure”

Team members: Zoe Wagemann, Makayla Fletcher, Shawntal Smith-Barnett and Gordon Wallace

“You’re Not Alone”

Team members: Rachelle Price

“STDs Aren’t Just A Dream”

Team members: Chris Hulsizer, Marco Gibson and Trevor Roberts


Grand ($1,000):
“Life is Not a Sitcom”

Team members: Zach Kendall, Cameron Stewart, Carlos Lynch, Cassandra Barrett, Michaela Barrett

First Place ($500):

Team members: Kassandra Samek, Audrey Connor, Cory Thompson

Second Place ($250):
“Daniel Lavender … On Safe Sex”

Producer: Kevin Kelly

Third Place ($150):

Producer: Denise Leland

“100% Solution”

Producer: Rachelle Price


Producer: Shattrellbeea Dobbs, Shanea Higdon, Mikaila Jackson, Brianna Rollins