This website was created for Spokane teens by Spokane teens with the assistance of experts in field of reproductive health to help answer youths’ questions on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), pregnancy prevention, and healthy decision making. The content was written for a teen’s reading level, and has been thoroughly reviewed and tested to ensure that the content is easily readable and user-friendly.

We know that we can help our youth make healthy and responsible decisions by providing them with the comprehensive and medically accurate information they need to aid in their decision making.

We acknowledge that parents are the primary educators of their children; however we also recognize that sometimes parents need help talking to their children about reproductive health issues.

As a community, we need to make sure that young people have the knowledge and skills necessary to build healthy relationships, and to protect themselves from unintended pregnancies and STDs.

Unless we take action to make sure our youth have the information they need, the consequences of STDs and unintended pregnancies will continue to take their toll on our youth.