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Herpes is a highly problematic condition that is marked by eruption of lesions in the mouth and the genital area of the patients. This virus can be transmitted by direct skin contact as well as sexual intercourse. Currently there is no permanent herpes cure however with medication this condition and its associated problems and symptoms can be managed effectively.

Cure for herpes is only available in the form of medication that can help in controlling the symptoms of this condition along with the frequency and the severity of the outbreaks. The medication can help in alleviating the symptoms such as sores. Treatment can also help in speeding up the recovery process and thereby allow the patients to lead a normal lifestyle.

Treatment for herpes also includes medication that is designed to suppress the existing symptoms or problems. No complete herpes cure currently exists but this suppressive therapy ensures that the patients do not have to suffer excessively and can lead a fairly normal life.

Herpes medication includes Famciclovir, Acyclovir and Valacyclovir. The herpes cure does not exist because the virus in this condition hides within the cells of a person’s nervous system. The virus remains in latent condition between the outbreaks. During such time of latency the virus becomes invisible to the drugs and so this condition cannot be completely cured.

When the virus becomes active it causes problems like lesions and the drugs can help to alleviate these lesions. The treatment also helps in reducing the pain. Although there is no complete cure for this condition the medication can help people feel more comfortable. If the medication is taken at the first sign of a symptom it can provide a great deal of relief.

In the absence of a permanent cure for herpes the medication can actually help in reducing the outbreaks. In the case of people having more than 6 outbreaks of genital herpes it is advisable to take regular antiviral treatment. Some other things that should be kept in mind include wearing loose fitting clothes and keeping the sores clean. Touching the affected areas should be avoided.

Recent research has resulted in identification of a viral genome that is responsible for coding of the proteins that result in the virus hiding in the period of latency. Researches and scientists believe that this identification will allow the drugs to make the virus come out in the open instead of lying latent. This will allow the drugs to act on the virus and a herpes cure may be made available.


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