And The Winner Is…

Kendra Sherrill took First Place for her video, “Raise Your Voice”. Kendra also won the Best Production award presented by North By Northwest. Megan Schuyler, a producer and editor for North By Northwest presented the Best Production award and as a special prize a Director’s Chair with Kendra’s name on it.

Second Place went to Rachelle Price and her video “You’re Not Alone.” Rachelle’s video used some very creative special effects and modeled after the Harry Potter theme. Rachelle received a $500 cash prize award.

KJ Films (Rebekah Manikowski and Antoinette Wizner) took Third Place for their video Mind Reader. Film creators used some humor to lighten up their video.

TVF’s Honorable Mention award went to the video “STDs Aren’t Just A Dream,” created by Team Zissou-Chris Hulsizer, Marco Gibson and Trevor Roberts.