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Probably the best way to stay clear from Chlamydia infection and other sexually transmitted diseases would be to avoid any type of sexual contact. Another way is to be in a monogamous relationship (this applies for both partners) where both partners have been tested and healthy. However, there are other ways to get protected:


It has already been proven that the most efficient ways to prevent Chlamydia infection is to practice safe sex and get tested regularly. This is very important if you are sexually active, have more than one partner or change them often.

Always think about your protection before any sexual activity. Using latex male condoms properly significantly reduces the possibility of an infection. Along with a condom, spermicides can provide a certain level of protection but they cannot be used solely.


Also, having regular tests for STDs, including Chlamydia of course, is highly recommended. This especially applies if you plan to have unprotected sex with a new or casual partner. Chlamydia testing has to be conducted at least once a year, and this is important for:

  • all women (25 years old and younger) who are sexually active
  • older women with a new or more than one partner
  • pregnant women

It would be the best if both sexual partners get tested for Chlamydia infection and other STDs if they have the intention not to use protection. Also, annual screening is something every sexually active person should consider.

If a person starts feeling any kind of Chlamydia infection symptoms, he or she has to stop having sex and seek the advice of a doctor as soon as possible. This is very important because when Chlamydia is diagnosed, the treatment is easy and simple. And also all sexual activities should be stopped until the testing and examination is completed and treated if necessary. After the treatment it is recommended to do the testing again just to make sure there are no traces of Chlamydia at all. Remember, the symptoms of Chlamydia don’t appear in all cases and they can be hidden for a long time.


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