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Chlamydia is classified as one of the most frequent STDs or sexually transmitted disease in the United States. The reason behind the Chlamydia infection is the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. Unfortunately, this infection can cause severe complications in the female reproductive system.



All sexually active men and women have the risk of getting infected by Chlamydia. This risk increases drastically if a person has more than one sexual partner. Simply because the symptoms of Chlamydia don’t appear in many cases, the risk of passing Chlamydia is very high. This is because the infected individuals can pass Chlamydia to their sex partners as they are not aware they are already infected.

This infection affects all age groups but it there is one group that carries a high risk of getting infected. They are teenage girls who are sexually active because the cervix or the opening to the uterus is still not fully matured.

Having unprotected sexual intercourse is the most common way to spread any sexually transmitted disease or infection, including Chlamydia. This infection is spread by any type of sexual activity, whether it is vaginal, oral, or anal. The last two (oral and anal sex) pose a risk of Chlamydia infection in homosexual men. In case the eyes get in touch with infected fluids the Chlamydia infection can be passed there.

Unfortunately, Chlamydia can be passed to the baby during birth if the mother is infected. These babies often get symptoms of pneumonia or eye infections (conjunctivitis).


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