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Genital herpes is the kind of disease that shows symptoms when one is under stress or has low immune system. You might not know that you have the disease until the symptoms start appearing. That’s why it is important for one to understand the common signs of genital herpes.

Warning signs of genital herpes include as tingling, itching, or burning in a genital area such as vagina, vulva, penis or scrotum. A patient may also experience pain in the leg or buttocks as well as burning on the side of the leg or the bottom of one’s feet. Some may experience flu-like symptoms such as headache, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. Others may feel emotionally irritable or depressed. During this period, there is chance that the patient is contagious since the virus becomes active on the skin.

If left untreated during this stage, an outbreak may occur. Sores may develop on the skin, and the affected person becomes highly contagious. The sores may, at first, appear red and may feel sensitive, itchy and painful to touch. Then swelling will appear which sometimes go unnoticed. After the appearance of swelling, small blisters will follow. Blisters are filled with fluid and may form on the area that has redness or swelling. When the top of these blisters come off, wet ulcers will then manifest which are quite painful to the touch. After a certain period of time, these ulcers will heal and form a dry crust. This formation allows the regeneration of the skin underneath. Healing is then complete when the crust falls off and with no new crust formation.

Some patients though, show no signs of genital herpes. In other words, they remain asymptomatic, which means the manifestation of the above-mentioned symptoms will not happen. One still has to remain careful though, because it is still possible for him or her to transmit the disease even if one still remains asymptomatic. It is necessary to use protection in order to avoid the infection. It is also important to go to a health provider to have you body checked so that proper treatment may be initialized.


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