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Natural herpes treatment is difficult.

Most of the time you will be told of different stories – there are no natural herpes treatment, or there is no treatment at all.

There are a lot of truths about this. But there are also a lot of lies. The truth remains that many medical experts around the world will say this in unison – there is no way to cure herpes naturally.

Or there is no cure at all.

We find it unbelievable.

This is the reason why we came up with Herpes Natural Treatment, your ultimate guide in finding the best natural herpes treatment today.

In this website, we came up with well researched studies on the causes of herpes and all the simple treatments you can do to eliminate it – at home.

Whether they are an all natural herpes treatment or a herpes treatment over the counter, we are sure to bring you only the best and qualified opinions on how you can cure herpes naturally.

It is time that you find ways for an easy herpes treatment at home.

We are only giving you unbiased suggestions on how to completely cure herpes naturally.

But a word of caution to anyone who wants to try out our suggestions, not all treatments are the same. Make sure to get a qualified medical opinion if you are in doubt with any natural herpes treatment mentioned on this website.




Herpes or herpes simplex  is a highly contagious disease caused by both Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2).

These viruses are virtually identical in several ways, and each may cause oral or genital herpes. However, each of these viruses chooses to reside in different areas of the body, and they are following distinct behavior of recurrence.




HSV- type 1 (cold sores) – This type of herpes virus prefers to stay on the mouth. It can be acquired through direct contact, or exchanges of bodily fluids like kissing with the person infected by the disease. One manifestation of HSV type 1 is cold sores or blisters that can be found around or inside the lips. Even though the main location is the mouth, this virus can still be transmitted in the persons genitalia if he/she engages in oral together with the partner infected with this type of virus.

  • Mode of transmission : Direct contact – oral sex, kissing, coughing, sneezing.
  • Incubation period : 2 – 12 days (maximum)
  • Contagious? : Yes
  • Common location : mouth, lips, inner portion of the lips, gums, throat, inner cheeks, chin, neck, inner roof of the mouth, tongue.
  • Appearance of blister : tiny, with reddish base appearance that become scabbed or crusted after a few days.

HSV- type 2 (genital herpes) – This herpes virus prefers to reside in the genitals of the infected person. The main symptom is also blisters, but it is situated on the genitals of the person. It may cause discharges or genital warts around the labia of the vagina, or near the shaft of the penis. Mode of transmission (how it spreads) is mainly through sexual intercourse. Just like HSV- type 1, this virus can be transmitted as well in the mouth if the person engages in oral sex with a partner infected with this kind of virus.

  • Mode of transmission : oral sex, sexual intercourse
  • Incubation period : 6 days  – 26 days (maximum)
  • Contagious? : Yes
  • Common location: genitals, buttocks, pubic area, thighs, upper legs, groin, anus.
  • Appearance of blister: almost the same with the blisters found in HSV-1, after a few days that the blisters healed or dried, it gets crusted which brings it’s yellowish appearance.

You see both kind of herpes are contagious and the fact that most people who have this kinds of infection do not even know they have it is very disturbing.

Keep on visiting our website for we will come up with many ways to cure herpes naturally with some basic simple treatments.


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