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Living with genital herpes entails a lot of patience, courage and sense of forgiveness. You need to share with your partner all about the infection that you have. An ample time is what they need to be able to learn to accept the reality and for them take in every single fact that you are conveying to them. You should be prepared and even anticipate for the possible reactions that your partner may be throwing at you but you still have to retain your composure and honesty as much as possible.

The partner who is infected by the virus might break down emotionally and during this stage, there is no more room for inflicting extreme emotional pain and accusations on each other as soon as you get hold of the truth. Acceptance and courage to face the reality may be, is hard to achieve but is the best way to go through and conquer the herpes infection together.

If you are sexually active, you must be in a way, fully equipped as to the facts about herpes. Researching on the topic will eventually give you the most significant information you need to keep off or prevent from getting the infection, as well you will aware of the fact that herpes is rather a common disease, particularly the genital herpes. At the instance that you and your partner already are aware that you have the infection, then you have to accept the fact that you have to live with it with a sound mind.

Though it might be awkward but that is the only optimistic defense that you have, to be more determined and strong to face whatever your condition might lead you. At the brink of all the frustration knowing you have the virus, you might resort to giving up or experience too much stress that aside from herpes, you might need psychological treatment. Other than that you have to deal with the disease, you are also concerned with your family, friends and all your loved ones.

It is actually your responsibility as the infected one to take precautionary measures to provide protection to your loved ones and as much as possible, be open to them as well as ask for help from them while you are still fighting with herpes. At this very stage, you need a great deal of encouragement, morale boosting, enlightenment and all types of support from your family and loved ones.

Being infected by this virus might be diminish your individuality and reputation and living with it entails with is requires a lot of humility. This is the worst situation that you might see yourself in for the rest of your life and you have to deprive yourself with the kind of happiness you used to experience. By this time, your perception about sex would surely be, for you to be more conservative.

Knowing all these, it serves as a red light. Before you get yourself into something such as sex, take some precautionary measures. For instance, decide with your partner to make use of some forms of protection such as condoms.


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