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Genital Herpes in men is a kind of silent, hidden enemy in your body that only manifests itself if the person is experiencing various degrees of illness or stress. It is the kind of disease that once infected, can never get out of you. It is like an annoying parasite that will never get out of your body.

This particular kind of disease is most often transmitted sexually. If the male isn’t careful, he will surely welcome this ugly, vicious, unwanted visitor. The virus that is responsible for this referred to as the Herpes simplex virus type 2. Type 1 herpes is responsible for cold sores, while type 2 targets the genitalia. Nevertheless one type may develop similar symptoms like that of the other. Proper laboratory findings can only confirm it.

The virus will remain dormant and then would reawaken during periods of stress and or lowered immunity status. Symptoms would include headache, muscle aches, fatigue, fever, swollen lymph nodes and appearance of vesicles or sores on the genital area, anal area or sometimes manifest in other parts of the body. For men in particular, ulcerations most commonly appear on the tip of the penis or the shaft but rarely around the base. These sores can be quite painful.

Infection usually lasts for two to three weeks but the pain in the skin can last from one to six weeks. These sores sometimes look like blisters, and then eventually dry up to form scabs. This period is the most vulnerable period, because it is the period where it is most contagious.

If the person has direct contact with this particular lesion, the patient would definitely get the disease. During this symptomatic period, it should be necessary to avoid contact at all cost. Barrier method that is used for contraception doesn’t necessarily eliminate the risk of being infected; it will only minimize the incidence of infection.

Men who are affected with this disease usually suffer from psychological stress. They sometimes avoid having sexual contact so as to avoid spreading the disease. Some people resume sexual activities but most of them prefer to do it with partners who are affected with the same disease which is their way to prevent the spread to uninfected individuals.

Prevention is the key to avoid genital herpes in men. Proper awareness and education can definitely reduce the risk of getting the disease. There is still no known cure to deliberately eliminate the disease but antivirals and pain medications can suppress the symptoms and reduce patient discomfort.


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