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Herpes is a disease that is transmitted by sexual contact along with direct skin contact with the infected areas. Herpes includes oral herpes which is caused by the type 1 herpes simplex virus while the type 2 herpes simplex virus is responsible for genital herpes. While there is no permanent cure for this condition with use of acyclovir herpes and its associated symptoms can be managed effectively.

A number of companies are trying to develop a vaccine for herpes but till the time the vaccine is developed patients will need to take antiviral medication. With acyclovir herpes can be effectively managed and the intensity of the symptoms can also be controlled. Along with this antiviral therapy can also help in increasing the time period between outbreaks.

In oral herpes patients experience blisters called cold sores or fever blisters in regions of the face like the mouth and the lips. In genital herpes these blisters erupt near the genital areas. Once a person is infected with the virus it stays in the body. When the virus is not active it stays in the nerve cells in the body in a dormant condition. With acyclovir herpes symptoms can be reduced to a great extent.

Many patients experience burning and itching in the affected areas. This is followed with eruption of blisters in those regions and these blisters may be filled with clear or cloudy liquid. With time the blisters scab over and heal. Normally the first outbreak is quite severe and the following outbreaks may be less problematic. With acyclovir herpes the severity of the symptoms can be controlled.

Acyclovir was initially invented by George Hutchings and Gertrude Elion and this medicine is now available as a part of the antiviral medication used in the treatment of this condition. With acyclovir herpes both oral as well as genital herpes can be treated and the symptoms of this condition can be controlled.

Acyclovir is often used as a part of episodic treatment wherein as and when the symptoms are observed this antiviral medicine is used. This drug is available in a cream form and can be applied on blisters. With acyclovir herpes particularly genital herpes can be effectively managed through the tablet form of this medication. Commonly a 5 day course is often prescribed to handle this condition. In case of frequent outbreaks acyclovir can be taken on a continuous basis so as to prevent further outbreaks.


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