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As there isn’t any medical treatment option for curing hepatitis At home treatments seem to be a good solution to the condition and can relieve symptoms very easily. Also these home treatments can as well help in preventing the virus form spreading any further. Follow these steps:




  • Your activities must match your energy levels. Don’t just lie down as that might slow down your process of recovery. Listen to what the body has to say and give up when you feel that the body isn’t permitting any longer.
  • Stay back at home instead of going to work or to school or college.
  • Don’t strain yourself.
  • Once you feel better, get back to your daily course of life.




  • When you are suffering from hepatitis A you might not feel like eating. But it is very important that you supply the body with the desired amount of nutrition. Try eating frequently and have small meals. Eat everything that you want to, except unhealthy junk and oily foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins are the best foods to be eaten.
  • Earlier, doctors always recommended high-calorie diet to hepatic sufferers. But of late, this idea has changed and now doctors recommend a wholesome meal comprising of all the essential nutrients. A balanced diet is what you should be looking at.



  • Keeping yourself hydrated is the most important thing while you are suffering from hepatitis, and more so if you have been vomiting as well. You must seek medical advice immediately if you are vomiting too much.
  • Drink ample amount of water.
  • Have fruit juices and /or broth to give yourself some additional calories.
  • Some sports drinks help in replacing the essential electrolytes as well what you might have lost due to excessive vomiting.




Hepatitis is a liver impairing disease and breaks down the ability of the liver to accept certain medicines and alcohol especially. If you have been taking alcohol or certain drugs during hepatitis, some potential side effects must be noticed. Additionally, in some cases, the medicines and alcohol can worsen the damage caused.

Inform your doctor about all the medicines that you’ve been taking, including any alternative natural or herbal treatments. Avoid taking any medicines or even replacing the existing medicines without the doctor’s consent.

Alcohol can aggravate situations further and as such you must avoid alcohol as much as possible.




Hepatitis effected people tend to develop an itchy skin. Some over-the-counter medications can be used for treating the condition. However, you must beware of the side effects of such products.

Prevent the infection from spreading all over

If you are having a hepatitis infection, you can take some of the following steps to prevent others from being infected:

  • Inform your near and dear ones about the disease and especially inform your sex partner.
  • After using the bathroom, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any further disaster,
  • Avoid anal contacts with your sex partner when you are infected.


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