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While an individual is suffering from hepatitis C, proper care must be taken for preventing the disease from spreading any further. Lots of things can be done regularly to protect the liver from any further damage as well.

In conjunction with proper diet, exercise and correct medical assistance and emotional support, there are some other things that one has to keep in mind. Follow all these steps mentioned below to prevent the disease from damaging your liver any further.




Certain other viruses like the hepatitis A or the B virus can also cause extensive damage to the liver, and people suffering from hepatitis C are more vulnerable to these viruses as well. A vaccination can help in protecting yourself against all these viruses.

Some other health complications can as well cause serious problems to people suffering from hepatitis C. HIV is one virus that can potentially weaken the patient’s immune system, thus allowing the hepatitis C virus to progress faster.

Using condoms during sex can help you in preventing such diseases and might as well protect you from certain STDs.




People suffering from hepatitis C usually have a tough time sleeping, and more so during the treatment. These patients fail to sleep due to some undefined reasons.

Since the patients don’t get enough sleep, it can have a huge impact on the health. The condition is characterized by extreme fatigue which is primarily caused due to lack of proper sleep.

There isn’t any cure for this type of insomnia that arises due to hepatitis C or the associated treatment of the disease. However, some sleep medications might help.




The liver breaks down and then filters out all the substances from the bloodstream. This is the primary function of the liver. But with hepatitis C, the liver’s natural ability to carry out this activity would be reduced. This would allow the medications drugs, herbs and alcohol to stay back longer in the system, thus having a potential effect. Some of these substances might as well cause severe liver damage, especially in people having hepatitis C.

Common painkillers and other such cold remedies can be potentially detrimental for the health of the liver as these medicines have toxic effects. Even vitamins when taken in larger doses can have an adverse effect on the body. Some herbal remedies are also risky.

If you are suffering from hepatitis C, do not take over-the-counter medications necessarily. Also go for prescribed drugs.

Quit smoking as well.




It is very difficult to cope up with a chronic disease like hepatitis C, but you should learn how to relax despite of everything. Depression and stress are not the solution to anything. Instead try to relax and accept the course of treatment.

Do everything that is relaxing for you. Go out with friends, eat healthy, exercise, go to the gym and practice light exercises and keep yourself happy.




Hepatitis C is a complicated disease, but people do live long by fighting with the disease. Learn to be a fighter instead of just falling prey to the disease. Take your medicines, make certain lifestyle changes and see the difference.


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