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A sexually transmitted disease is one that spreads during sexual contact. Among all the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea is the most common of all and it is having serious effects on mankind.  The primary symptoms of gonorrhea are thick purulent discharge from the genitals of the infected individuals, urinary frequency, stranguria, and dysuria, orchitis in males and salpingo-oophoritis in females. The secondary effect of this disease is even more severe as it results in sterility in individuals. The latest survey done shows this disease poses a severe threat to health of mankind.

Gonorrhea predominantly affects people who are sexually very active, most vulnerable being the teenagers and the middle age group.  On an average almost 700500 Americans become infected annually.  The problem is however very severe and the severity cannot be judged easily as most of the cases go unreported.

Several countries in the world have taken this problem very seriously and have adopted several preventive and curative programs.  These programs aim at creating awareness towards the disease; and provide aids to the victims in form of treatment and preventive measures like condoms.  These programs set up discussions with the target population and set up clinics for treatment of the infected individuals.  They also set up mobile health units to reach the remote areas and the infected persons.

The primary cause of gonorrhea –Neisseria Gonorrhoeae is a microbe which needs warm and moist conditions to multiply.  The most favorite locality being the reproductive system of the victims, the oral cavity and the anus.  Condoms and safe sex are the best preventive measures for any sexually transmitted disease and prompt treatment of individuals is essential to stop the secondary effects.

Gonorrhea spreads by sexual intercourse. It can also spread by contact of the fetus to the infected birth canal of the mother.


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