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You’ve already regretted the night you forgot about protecting yourself. You were in this bar one night, sitting there. You were having scotch when a hot lady approached you. Both of you found each other interesting. Then you realized you had too much to drink and you found yourself with her in a motel room.

That was fun. Until you realized two weeks after, you have this terrible sting down there when you urinate. So you almost freaked out when you received the medical diagnosis that you had acquired gonorrhea. You almost wanted to smack yourself because of your sheer negligence. Now, you would be spending more to treat gonorrhea and that one night turns out to be quite expensive. You would have avoided gonorrhea if you just had the sense to purchase a cheap condom.

So how would you go about to treat gonorrhea? If you still don’t know what it is, gonorrhea is a type of bacteria that is often transmitted through sexual intercourse. The bacterium, known scientifically as Neiserria gonorrhoeae, dislodges its initial infection in the genitals or urethra. You won’t have to treat gonorrhea after you realize your partner has the infection. You will have to wait until positive symptoms appear within 2 to 8 days. During this time, the infection will most likely be widespread and you should now seek a doctor’s advice to treat gonorrhea.

Urologists, the doctors who often treat gonorrhea in men, recommend strong antibiotics to mitigate the spread of the bacteria in the body. The doctors recommend that patients should seek help immediately in order to treat gonorrhea effectively.

Early detection is very vital in treating gonorrhea because if neglected, a chronic condition will develop and the bacterial infection will affect vital organs in the body. If males neglect to treat gonorrhea, the inflammation will worsen into something called “fibrosis”, which could block the male urethra and the vas deferens.

For females, it is the fallopian tubes that are frequently affected by untreated gonorrhea. This often leads to a complication called “salpingitis”, where the pus-filled tubes would distress the peritoneal cavity and cause “peritonitis”.

This is why doctors treat gonorrhea with penicillin as early as they detect it because they do not want the patient to suffer the pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). This is often the outcome if the patient did not treat gonorrhea earlier. They can suffer from chills, fever and their internal organs will be damaged badly. If the mother is pregnant, ectopic pregnancy can result. Another risk for both males and females would be sterility.

So the next time you meet a hot lady, think before you do something that would endanger your health. Gonorrhea is not an easy disease to treat, but it can be the easiest to prevent if you just use a condom.


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