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Ask yourself this before you continue reading: Do you think that you are infected with gonorrhea mouth disease from a recent sexual encounter with your partner?

If your answer is no, another question that would surely bring you to think more deeply about this is… Are you sure of your answer?

The reason why we would like you to take a few moments to ponder about this infection is that not everyone knows that they are actually carrying this disease in their mouth.

Why? Well, because rarely are there any earlier signs that would show a person that this bacterial infection is already there.

If the tell-tale signs of gonorrhea mouth infection would normally show up briskly, there is a good chance that immediate attention and proper medical care will be given. However, you have to be aware that this isn’t what happens in most cases.

Just like other infections of this disease that manage to course through different parts of the person’s body, gonorrhea mouth disease has an incubation period of around one week to a month’s time for men, longer for women, when any of the signs or symptoms show up – one of which is the inflammation of the throat that is usually thought to be just another case of sore throat infection.

That said, there are also certain cases when initial symptoms of gonorrhea mouth disease cease to be a possibility – leaving the infected person completely unaware that the gonorrhea mouth infection is already doing its silent territorial destruction in the mouth.

For those lucky few who are prompted to act upon a silent urge within themselves, and never take an imperative check-up with their physician for granted (in order to know if they are afflicted with gonorrhea mouth disease), a guarantee on immediate antibiotic treatments and certain medical tests will be given to help solve the issue at hand.

Certain antibiotics that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (or CDC) to cure gonorrhea mouth infection and other gonorrhea cases involve the following:

Oral Treatments:
* Ofloxacin
* Azithromycin
* Cefixime
* Doxycycline

IM Treatment:
* Ceftriaxone

Although gonorrhea mouth disease is pretty common, you will be more than likely to believe your answer to be true when you said no earlier provided that you continually stay away from the idea of being promiscuous, practice safe sex, and are completely satisfied in a monogamous, loving relationship which keeps you safe from this possible bacterial occurrence that stems usually from sexual activity.


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