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At this time and age, more and more people are exploring their sexuality. Sadly though, there are some who are taking it to another level thereby harming themselves and their partners.

Sexually transmitted disease is not new to us. It has been known for several numbers of years but it’s only been recently that people are recognizing the grave impact of the disease on its victims. Because of the nature of the disease, more people feel restrained to research on the how’s and the why’s of sexually transmitted diseases.

However, we find it compelling to openly discuss this in order to cure the people who are infected and to educate the public about it to prevent the spread of the disease. The internet is a great tool in order to reach out to the people who are plagued with this problem but are scared to confront the situation.

Gonorrhea is one of the more popular of the std’s and is caused by the bacteria scientists identified as neisseria gonorrhoeae. Gonorrhea infects the urethra, cervix, rectum, and throat of both men and women. Gonorrhea is a tricky disease as it may not manifest obvious symptoms of the disease. It misleads a lot of those infected because they don’t feel sick at all

The women who are infected experience a painful or burning sensation when they urinate or they find a yellowish discharge from their vagina. The symptoms are the same for the men in their genital area. Signs that the gonorrhea has infected the rectum would include anal itching and occasional painful bowel movements.

Once these symptoms have been observed, it is highly advised to consult with a doctor to immediately find a cure for gonorrhea. Good news is that it can be easily treated and cured with antibiotics such as ceftriaxone, cefixime, ciprofloxacin, or ofloxacin. But what good is treating yourself when your partner continues to be infected with gonorrhea?

Make sure that your sex partner is also cured from the disease and receives proper treatment to prevent both of you from getting infected again. It is also ideal to withdraw from sexually activities for the meantime that you are getting yourself treated to lessen the chances of getting the infection again or transmitting it to someone else. If it can’t be helped, using latex condoms in intercourse is a great way to prevent the disease from spreading.

There is no reason for you to be scared when you suspect yourself as having gonorrhea. It’s very easy to cure and treat gonorrhea and the doctors will always be ready to help you out in your predicament. Remember that by taking care of yourself, you are also looking out for the welfare of others especially that of your loved one.


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