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The effect of Chlamydia or gonorrhea is inflammation of urethritis in women and tip of penis in men. It can be without any discharge or with clear discharge in Chlamydia and white discharge in gonorrhea. In women the inflammation may also be caused by Trichomonas Vaginalis and the urethritis tend to be softer in Chlamydia than when infected with gonorrhea where the affected part is covered with rashes and heat bumps. Men also not only suffer from inflammation of penis and but also swelling of testicles with accompanying pain.

Chlamydia may turn men or women sterile because of the internal injuries caused by swelling of internal organs. Chlamydia does not show any external signs physically except for swelling and redness of the affected areas of the urethritis and penis as the case may be. That is why it is difficult to tell that a person has been affected by Chlamydia. In the case of gonorrhea it is identifiable with little bumps which look like rash and set of pimples which are red and swollen.

Chlamydia infection is more internal than external. That’s why women infected with Chlamydia if she is pregnant, can infect the baby during childbirth when the baby is in the passage way. The baby may develop pneumonia, serious eye problems or respiratory troubles. Both the sex may suffer from swelling of rectum with pain, bleeding and discharge. These are consequences of anal sex. The disease gets transmitted to the eye in case of oral sex. The eye gets swollen and droopy that may lead to blindness.

To sum up, it can be said that Chlamydia gives a red swollen look and secretes white pus like substance and is very painful to the touch. A Chlamydia patient finds difficulty to urinate and women gets pain during intercourse. One can see in the Internet the photos of Chlamydia patients. But, hardly will it exhibit much from external photos since the damage is mainly internal.


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