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Gonorrhea is a readily and easily curable disease. There are antibiotics known to decimate the bacterium that causes this venereal disease. The cure is existent as much as the pill for common cold exists. Gonorrhea self treatment is a process that leads to complete and rapid cure. It is as easy as curing common cold.

Gonorrhea self treatment is no more a synonym for self-discipline and strict adherence to medical recommendations. There’s the drug, which is only the beginning and the promise. Then, there’s the Self that can make the promise possible.

Primarily, gonorrhea self treatment involves knowing what to do and what not to do. It involves doing what should be, and not doing what shouldn’t be.

What course of action does gonorrhea self treatment entail?

Your health adviser or doctor will prescribe the antibiotic that will wipe out the gonorrheal bacteria present in your body. Gonorrhea self treatment will involve following closely the recommended dosage, and following it to the end. Meaning, you do not stop until the treatment cycle is over. Meaning, you do not skip the recommended number of times you need to take your in a given duration.

If antibiotics are not taken fully and properly, cure will just as well be light-years away.

Prompt adherence to medication means prompt cure. It will also keep the bacteria from spreading further into other areas of the body. You keep the infection in check.

You are not to have sexual contact with anyone while under treatment. There’s an ethical and moral side to this other than he primary medical considerations. This way, you do not also spread the disease.

Seven days without any sexual contact is advised for sufferers who has taken single dose of antibiotic medication. Seven days is the duration needed to make the antibiotic do its bacterial kill.

Gonorrhea self treatment also involves informing your doctor of the developments of the treatment. It also involves allowing your doctor to monitor the workings of the medicine on your body.

Relapse might take place. If this occurs, your need to inform your doctor so he can recommend a new antibiotic or a higher dosage of the same antibiotic.

Therapy begins with the self. To be healed, you have to combat microscopic enemies known as gonorrheal bacteria. Healing, primarily, is a battle against forgetfulness, or perhaps laziness, to administer the prescribed medication. You have the drugs— that is your weapon. Use your weapon.

Gonorrhea self treatment is also a battle against sexual temptation. Abstain from it until you are medically clear of the disease.

Complete and rapid cure by the self is possible. When we talk of gonorrhea self treatment, we mean an associative and complimentary working between science and self. We mean doctor’s medication and you closely adhering to and self-implementing the medication.


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