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It is the bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which causes the highly infectious sexually transmitted disease Gonorrhea. In men, Gonorrhea first infects epithelium column of urethra. In the case of woman, the disease is transmitted to vagina through sexual intercourse, as cervix in women is a prone site of getting affected by Gonorrhea from the male sex organs.

Gonorrhea, therefore, spreads through sexual intercourse only. An infected expecting mother may give birth to an infected child who may have eye infections. However, spread of Gonorrhea through birth to a new born baby is rare since now – a – days the infant’s eyes are getting protection through medication.

One must know how gonorrhea spreads in the woman’s body cells. Gonorrhea spreads into the woman’s body cells since it spreads into the fallopian tubes of the women thus resulting in inflammatory diseases in pelvic region. The women through sexual abuses may suffer infection in the genital tract or the would-be born infant may suffer infection in the mouth / rectum.

Symptoms of gonorrhea differ in male and female. In women, the cervix is affected .The disease is extremely contagious and is transmitted to them by  men during the  sexual intercourse. When affected  she experiences symptoms like abnormal bleeding , vaginal discharge, irritation at vaginal mouth , burning sensation during urination.

Gonorrhea affects urethra in men. The symptoms include pus like release from the penis tip, frequent urination, bleeding during urination, sting during urination, gland swelling and may be the penis tip turns red. Men and women will experience the same symptoms like pain, discharge and swelling when gonorrhea affects the throat and rectum. Therefore, since gonorrhea it affects being a sexually transmitted disease, both men and women.


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